Who We Are

The Principal Behind Sol Green Energy


We think solar power is the coolest thing in the world, next to the world itself.


We believe that having a quality portable solar power system will provide you an independent means to express yourself and thrive.


We Care about sustainability: quality, cost, and efficiency are central to this. Being careless, wasteful and neglectful is not sustainable.


We Care about our products. We quality-test every product, use them in a variety of situations, and ensure they are of quality we would stand behind before we offer them to the market.


We Care about your experience. We provide consultations to find the best system for your needs, and offer technical support after purchase. We ensure fair and competitive pricing for every system.


We Care about the powerless. We offer a hand up to homeless and wayward veterans, providing them with compassion and equipment to help them get on their feet.


We Care about establishing reasonable expectations in our products and meeting them.


We Care about working people and offer a way to reduce their toil and suffering.


We Care about our artists', vendors', manufacturers', and retail partners' prosperity.


We Care enough to listen to anybody's story.


We Care about your solar experience.


We want you to be safer, more productive, and have fun in a more expressive world.


Join us on this solar journey where we can all find at least one thing we agree on.



Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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