While we believe that everyone has an appreciation for the outdoors and 'getting away from it all', there are too many displaced people who have nowhere to call home.

Sol Green Energy is on a mission to bring power to the dis-empowered.

Proceeds from sales go to sponsoring homeless and veterans with portable solar power systems.



We look for organizations that give the homeless and veterans the compassion, resources, and support they need to get back on their feet; we then work out ways to supply them with portable power systems and lights.


**UPDATE: As of July 11th, $250K  in state funding has been cut from the Veteran's Outreach Center of Rochester. This is a shameful, and tragic way for our state government to cut costs, significantly impacting this organization's ability to provide critical services for those who have given so much of their lives to serve our country. Please help us in showing support by donating to and/or getting involved with the VOC Rochester, or purchase one of our Veteran Support items (all proceeds go directly to VOC Rochester).

Peace Village2.jpg

Our first project is "Peace Village" in Rochester NY


Peace Village is a piece of land that the Rochester City Council has trusted to a small group of homeless people who cannot or will not live in shelters because of past traumas and dangerous experiences.



As we gain sales in 2019 we will donate 20 systems to the village. The systems will be managed by the community to power the tents, and units may be awarded to a tenant when they leave or find a new home.


Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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