A small, light-weight yet power-packed system perfect for on-the-go daily use.

A 100 W power system is perfect for photographers, students, mobile office power for both business and creative ventures. This system gives just enough power to keep portable electronic systems going. Or you could just watch some shows if you're feeling like taking a break from being so productive.

Get the mini SunCharger with one power pack and USB multi cable.

Just the Basics

Includes mini SunCharger, extra power pack and carry case. Allows you to use one power pack while the other is Sun Charging.

Essential Package

Advanced Package

Don't just survive, thrive with a complete "personal power grid". Includes mini SunCharger Pro plus all our accessories for the ultimate off-grid experience.

Capabilities Overview

Lighting - LED lamps or string lights

Personal Devices - Cell phones, tablets, laptops, external battery packs

Entertainment - Small LED TVs, DVD, internet router, light crafting tools

Options: compatible with (60W?) solar panel, packaged or sold separately

Strengths: Ideal for mobile offices and as a guaranteed power source in remote locations or when traveling. Offers security of lightweight home backup power in emergencies. Primarily for your everyday communication and lighting needs. For best experience, use the solar to replenish its reserves when not in use.

Limitations: Heavy energy draws will drain its reserves quickly. For large entertainment centers, power tools, medical equipment, or refrigeration, look to the 500 or 1000W unit.

System Details:

1 - standard AC wall outlet (120W)

2 - standard USB output ports

1 - USB QC 3.0 port

Solar-ready with DC input

Weight -  4lbs

Size - 3.5x3.5x9"

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Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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