A Gift They'll Take Everywhere

We all love giving the perfect gift:

Hearing it kept them safe

Freed up their time

Made them closer to nature

Became a companion in daily life

The mini SunCharger gives just that.

More than a power bank:
mini SunCharger is a complete USB Solar Power System. It is reliable and is built to last.

A typical power bank is a temporary solution to a permanent problem: keeping devices charged on the go.

What if

  • You're away from the grid?

  • The power goes out and you need to call for help?

  • Wasting your time charging devices on vacation?

  • On the road or job site struggling with a dead phone?

A common power bank is a single use solution that leaves you feeling frustrated and carrying extra weight when empty.

The mini SunCharger recharges itself, and your devices, out of the clear blue sky.


Who is it for?

  • Travelers who want on-the-go power

  • Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurists of ALL kinds

  • Anyone wanting emergency power reserves

  • Solar enthusiasts

  • Environmentally conscious people

  • Outdoor laborers or mobile office workers

If you spend more than four hours a day outside or rely on your phone for critical activities, mini SunCharger is for you!

More than just a "phone charger":

​The mini SunCharger has the ability to power a whole galaxy of USB devices!

  • LED string lighting

  • AA, AAA battery recharging

  • 18650 and other vaping devices

  • Outdoor equipment and cameras

  • Fish Finder and GPS mapping

  • Speaker, fan and other small devices


Solar that serves a purpose: A complete solar power system designed like an off grid home, made to the size of a phone.

Mini SunCharger is...

  • Ergonomic: so thin you can charge your phone in your pocket

  • Powerful: Enough battery reserve to last 2-3 cloudy days

  • Smart: Detachable battery allows use of one while another sun charges (sold separately or bundled)

  • Balanced: solar recharge rate of10% battery per hour

  • Rugged: built to survive direct sun and real life conditions

You'll have the power to plug into the sun, and leave your worries behind!

Features: Plug and Play Solar Power

  • 1000 mA solar power array

  • Grid capable for on demand pre-charging

  • Universal backpack compatible

  • Dual USB output port

  • Thermoplastic, weather resistant construction

  • LED flashlight with 3 modes: solid, SOS, strobe

Best of all: It fits nicely into a stocking!

We offer choices to suit your needs:

 mini SunCharger Basic, Pro, and Deluxe packages

Get the mini SunCharger with one power pack and USB multi cable.

Basic Starter System

Includes mini SunCharger, extra power pack and carry case. Allows you to use one power pack while the other is Sun Charging.

mini SunCharger Pro

mini SunCharger Deluxe

Don't just survive, thrive with a complete "personal power grid". Includes mini SunCharger Pro plus all our accessories for the ultimate off-grid experience.

Prices reflect current promotion including: outbound shipping, applicable taxes and 1 year warranty


The mini SunCharger is the kind of thing you'll be glad to have and might just feel plain S.O.L. if you needed it and didn't have it.


The mini SunCharger gives you:

  • Protection during crisis

  • A sensible step toward sustainability

  • Self reliance and independence

  • Freedom from hassle on your next adventure

You'll love having the ability to keep your favorite devices and take essential creature comforts anywhere you go.


Who knew being safe could be so much fun?


Use: We are a passionate solar company dedicated to helping you get the most out of your solar system. Our user guide is printed inside the packaging sleeve, and we offer best practices support online.

Cost: We believe in sustainability for finances too, and offer the best quality components at the best price.

Quality: Every purchase of a mini SunCharger comes with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and1 year manufacturer warranty.

Who we Are:


Sol Green Energy knows and loves solar, so our mini SunCharger is the best of its kind.


Other solar banks might let you down; many products out there aren't built well, don't have enough solar for effective charging, or are just plain overpriced. Our system is designed to become the heart of a whole USB off grid lifestyle when combined with the right accessories.


We don't want to just make you "feel" secure,
but own piece of mind with a personal power system.

​"Wow!! Just Wow. It really worked! This was

a game changer when we were on the road."

- Andrea L.

"My SunCharger has become more like a friend or companion I wouldn't forget to bring than a thing."

- Stephanie C.

"Great first step into Solar. So well explained

we felt confident in it right out of the box."

- Jannelle O.

"I Love it. Great service and bang for the buck."

- Roger S.

"I like what you got here. This is really good

 I don't know why everyone doesn't have one."

- Sean T.

"I went way out to Italy Hill with some friends and none of us charged our phone or thought about directions home. The mini literally saved the day."

- Brandon B.

"I'm so proud of myself for going solar, thanks!"

- Brenda R.

"Works just like you said it would."

- Tom S.

What our customers have to say

SunChargers also come in bigger more powerful systems

that all deliver quality, simplicity, and dependability

use the contact form if you have a bigger project in mind.

With Sol Green Energy, you truly can Go Solar at Your Own Pace.


Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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