Mid Class

The best of both worlds: The 500 W system is light weight but powerful enough to run a surprising variety of appliances and devices while keeping weights and cost low.

The 500 W solar power generator is lightweight, durable and silent. They create, store and supply power for the light duty appliances we miss the most when they are gone. This system is the highest in build quality. It can operate the bulk of technologies and basic luxuries that keep life enjoyable, productive and free of toil.

Get the mini SunCharger with one power pack and USB multi cable.

Just the Basics

Includes mini SunCharger, extra power pack and carry case. Allows you to use one power pack while the other is Sun Charging.

Essential Package

Advanced Package

Don't just survive, thrive with a complete "personal power grid". Includes mini SunCharger Pro plus all our accessories for the ultimate off-grid experience.

Capabilities Overview

Living Room - Lights,32" TV, DVD 8 hrs

Workshop - Heavy Use Battery Tools

Craft Room - Sewing Machine, Glue Gun

Office - Laptop, Printer, Internet, Fans

Medical - Reliability for what you rely on

Options: upgrades etc

Strengths: examples

Limitations: examples

System Details:

details here

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Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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