Level 1: Powerbank that makes its own power, stores it and charges of the grid.

Ideal for: People who love camping, fishing, boating, or being self sufficient. Great for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, works outdoors or wants to be ready should disaster strike.

Uses: Keep speakers, action cameras, USB fish finder, flashlights, USB lights, fans or phones charged up on the go, away from the grid or in an emergency situation.

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Level 2: Small book size power systems for more versitile and frequent use.

Ideal for: Highly mobile people looking for a way to charge devices or laptop, radio communication, RC vehicles or run critical appliences like a lamp, tv or router.

Uses: From drone charging to phone charging these systems cover light duty appliences like fans, lights, small tv, laptop and even evaporative air cooling and a bug zapper.

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Level 3: Robust power boxes provide more outlets but are still easy to take with you.

Ideal for: If you dry camp in an RV or van, glamp, have a boat and want to spend more time off shore trolling or complete a battery powered workshop this is your level.

Uses: Small and medium size entertainment center, tool battery charging, lighting, projector small blender, sewing machine, craft tools, medical equipment and basic home conveniences.

Level 4: Heavier-duty system that puts near utility grade power where the grid isn't.

Ideal for: From a rugged individualist to owners of fantastic get way cabins this system is for people with a remote place in mind they want to call home away from home or  never want to find themselves powerless again.

Uses: Level 3 functionality but with refrigeration capabilities and a lot more power storage.


Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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