Solar power products for adventurous hard working people who want to spend more time fulfilling their purpose.


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Meet the mini SunCharger:

This is the mini SunCharger:


The mini SunCharger is not your typical powerbank. It's a complete USB power system that not only stores power but makes it.


Included is a quality multicable and solar charging tips, so you can use it out of the box with any device you have.

The mini SunCharger comes with a fold out array with 4 solar panels because that's how many it takes to effectively SunCharge.


In direct sun it produces 1000 mAh of electricity per hour.


That means it's a 6W 5V panel if you're interested.


Design that serves a purpose:


Rugged thermal plastic protects the battery from being left in the sun for hours during typical outdoor use.


Designed to be easy to use correctly. You can zip it into your favorite day bag or backpack for mobile charging.

3 built in USB ports:


micro USB input: charge it up from the grid, or connect to an upgraded solar panel for faster recharge rate. 

Fast Charger: gives the fastest USB charge available.

SunCharger: battery output speed matches the solar panels to charge devices right off the sun and conserve power reserves.

Upgradable powerpack:


The thin, removable powerpack holds 10,000 mAh of power and has a built-in LED light for convenience and safety.


The mini SunCharger pro system comes with two powerpacks, which gives you 20,000 mAh of sustainable power.


With this arrangement, you can leave one powerpack SunCharging and bring the other one with you while you are off on adventure.

More than just a "phone charger":


The mini SunCharger can run anything USB powered, be it a  vape, fishfinder, speaker, or fan.


We thought of a few choice luxuries that add to any outdoor experience. We include them in the deluxe mini SunCharger and accessory bundle: a powerful LED flashlight, color changing string lights, and a battery charger for everything else. All are USB powered, perfectly paired with this system.

Better, stronger, faster:


Our ultimate USB off-grid experience helps you get the power you need in record time, almost at the speed of light! (unapologetic pun). Adding the 20W panel will recharge your powerpacks (4.5 hrs), so you can keep your mobile power on as much as you'd like.

The mini SunCharger is a great introduction to solar power. SunChargers also come in bigger and more powerful systems that all deliver quality, simplicity, and dependability.
We will help you find your use and choose your power level,

so you can Go Solar at Your Own Pace.