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Elite SunCharger Pro

Cobine all three units into one very powerful, well balanced and highly mobile system.


Set up the SunCharger pro and 65W panel as a central place to create and store power. Charge the SunCharger from the Pro using the DC cable.


 Bundle is ideal for:

      Small Entertaiment System or Laptop

      Battery Based Tool Charging

      Family Camping/Glamping

      Efficient Off Grid Living

      4 Seasons Emergency Power


SunCharger can be charged at the same time you are using it so all you have to do is place the panel in a sunny place and you can power your most valued electronics; at night it keep going on reserve power.



SunCharger 100W AC powerbank

SunCharger Pro

65 Watt Folding Solar Panel

SunCharger Pro Outlet Adapter

DC Cable and Adaptors

3-in-1, 32" USB power cord

International AC adaptor plug

Microfiber travel pouch for SunCharger

Built in LED Light

  • SunCharger 2.2 lbs Storage 100 Wh
    100 W AC USB x 2 0USB C x 1 12 V DC x 1
    Size 8.3 " 5.3 " 1.2 "
    SunCharger Pro   Storage 192 Wh
    USB 5V - 12 V DC 12 V - 19 V Weight 3.4 lbs
    Size 8.5" 5 " 1.5 "
    Solar Panel      
    Output 65 Watt 19 V output 3 Amps
    Folded Size 14" 11.75"  1.5"
    Open Size 14 " 50 " 0.25"

    More technical information can be found in the "make it" and "store it" sections of this website

$579.00 Regular Price
$489.00Sale Price