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FreeLoader Bundle

Everything you need to bring the power with you. Get the FreeLoader paired with the 65 W, 3 amp, solar panel.


This system is still light and portible enough to freely take it where you want to go. It's powerful enough to run multiple low power devices (TV, Fan, Speakers, Lamps and lights ect).


If you have a boat, pair this with a solar panel for an easily accessible solution to off-shore power. The same concept applies for RVers: this means no more running your truck to get your batteries charged!



FreeLoader 300 W power system

AC Wall Adaptor

65 Watt Folding Solar Panel

DC cable and Adaptors

  • AC Output 300 W 110 V 2.73 A
    DC 12 V 8 A  
    USB 5 V 3 A  
    Storage 31.72 Ah 11.1 V 352 Wh
    Dimensions 11.9" 8" 4.7"
    Weight 11 lbs Body Build



    Inverter Type Pure Sine



    Solar Voltage 15 V 30 V 5 A
    Solar Panel   Weight 4 lbs
    Peak Power 65 Watts

    19 V Output

    3.1 Amps
    Folded Size

    14 "

    11.75 " 1 "
    Open Size 14 " 50 " 0.25 "
    Compatible SunCharger SunCharger Pro Freeloader


$539.00 Regular Price
$479.00Sale Price