The mini SunCharger is not just another powerbank. It is a complete, portable powerstation designed to charge USB devices with the right solar panels to actually charge off the sun!


The mini SunCharger is a tool for making, storing and using the electricity you need anywhere you go.


Built tough and elegantly designed so that it will survive the harsh conditions a solar power system needs to, yet still be easy to use.



mini SunCharger Powerpack

mini SunCharger Solar Panel


SunCharging Tips and Support


Mini SunCharger™

$79.99 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price
Solar Panel 6 Watt 5 V Weight 12.4 oz.
Power Bank 10,000 mAh Type Li-polymer
Closed Size 6" 3" 1.25"
Open Size 6" 17" 0.75"
Materials ABS PC Canvas
Fast USB 2.1 Amp UBS input 2 A
SunCharge USB 1.0 Amp LED Light Yes



Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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