Solar power products so that adventurous hard working people can spend more time fulfilling their purpose.

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mini SunCharger Pro

Get the mini SunCharger as it was meant to be with 20,000 mAh split between two power packs - So you can charge one in the sun while you use the other.


With each upgraded system we are including our complimentary mole pouch so you can keep the system in one convientent location for grab and go use.


The mini SunCharger is the best of its kind get it now for this increadible price!


Built tough and elegantly designed so that it will survive the harsh conditions a solar power system needs to yet still be easy to use.



Two mini SunCharger Powerpack

mini SunCharger Solar Panel


Mole Pouch

SunCharging Tips and Support

    $109.99 Regular Price
    $99.99Sale Price