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Oasis Bundle

The OffGridder offers an ideal system for anybody with a cabin, similar oasis, or just a beloved place to BBQ.


With this bundle you will not only have the 1000 W power-system and a Large 100W folding solar panel but two 300 W FreeLoaders to spead around and turn your place into an Oasis.


Set up the OffGridder at a well location with a clear view, south is best - but a good east or western expanse would do. Then you can use that location to recharge the Offloader's to put outlets at convenient locations.


Midsize enertainment center

Music equipment

Extensive lighting for days

Dorm size appliences

Even Cooking (though we reccomend fire sources)


1,000 Wh of storage means that all the things lower level SunChargers do, this does longer.




OffGrider 1000W Power Station

220 V 6 Amp Step up Outlet Charger

x2 FreeLoader 300 W Power Stations

x2 FreeLoader Wall Adaptors

Spare Fuses

100 Watt 32 V Folding solar panel

DC to Aviation cable converter

DC cable and adaptors

  • OffGridder 1000 W 110 V AC 1,010 Wh 25.4 lbs
    AC out x 2 USB x 4 12 V DC x 2 li-ion: MnNiCo
    Size 16 " 10.75 " 6.5 "
    FreeLoader 300 W 110 V AC 350 Wh 11 lbs
    AC out x 2 USB x 4 12 V DC x 2 li-ion: MnNiCo
    Size 11.9 " 8 " 4.7 "
    Solar Panel   Weight 6.6 lbs
    Peak Power 100 W 32 V Output 3 Amps
    Folded Size 11.5 " 12.6 " 2.6 "
    Open Size 18.6 " 50.5 " 0.25 "

    For more info find items in "make it" and "store it" menus

$1,799.00 Regular Price
$1,599.00Sale Price