Solar power products so that adventurous hard working people can spend more time fulfilling their purpose.

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SunCharger Pro

This is the ideal system for HAM radio, RC car, Drone, Airsoft, and other enthusiasts with such extensive hobbies. It is also an excellent UPS for people who know or are willing to learn about working with DC and ditching the wall outlet.


SunCharger Pro swaps an inverter for far more stored power; with 52,000 mAh on hand you can keep your DC devices continually charged. Charging ports include 19V DC input, dual DC out (12V and voltage-matching), two standard USB ports and one fast-charging USB. 


Package comes complete with all the wires and adapters you will need to power almost anything you can think of.


Pair this with our 65W solar panel for an amazingly compact portable solar power system. You will not regret it!



  • Storage                    13 Ah 14.8 V 192 Wh



    3.7 V  
    USB 1 5V 2.1 A  
    USB 2 5V 9V 12 V
      2.1 A 2 A 1.5 A
    DC 1 12 V 4 A  
    DC 2 12 V 14.8 V 19 V
    bridged 4 A 4 A 3.5 A
    Dimensions 8.5" 5" 1.5"
    Weight 3.4 lbs    
    Operating temp 14 F 140 F  
    Body Build Aluminum    
    Chemestry MnNiCo    
    Cycles 800+    
    AC Input Range 12 V 25 V 3.5A