Meet Solar Shawn

After a long drawn out

academic career I

graduated with my physics

degree, but still felt a lack of

meaningfulness. I found myself

deeply entrenched with dread.

I looked toward renewable energy as source of hope for the future. I saved a pile of money and traveled all over taking Solar Energy International classes and doing work trades at communities throughout the country.


I found people who loved life, drumming and nature as I learned everything I could about sustainability, permaculture and natural building.


Unfortunately as time progressed I got off track. The 2008 financial crisis hit me hard and led to a panic stricken and less supportive nation.

My adventure slowly took a dark turn as I struggled to meet my needs on what I had left. One day I realized that that living under a redwood tree in California, with no way home, meant I had become homeless.

Some days I would avoid town and daydream about having a small solar system I could put up in the branches to charge my phone, run some lights and a fan. I can't tell you hard it is to find a outlet when you look like a caveman. Believe it, charging my phone and conjuring up some food would often eat up most of my day.

What I took from my experience was some people out there really are rotten and think caring is a weakness, identify and avoid them. Cynicism is a form of blindness. Above it all: you get what you give. Most people are searching for compassion and willing to offer it if they think you deserve it.

It took over a year, I went all over the country, and eventually got back on my feet and made it home. I settled, became an employee in a large institution and played video games (which are surprisingly therapeutic). After a while the urge to live life on my own terms started to grow again.

I decided I wanted to run my own business and find ways to provide grid independent solar power systems. I watched and waited for the cost come down and quality meet my standards .

That time came when I met



She was the only

girl I ever met bold

and supportive enough to risk it all on turning my 

vision into a reality.

Together we couponed and deal hunted while I built up a stash panels, batteries, components and a workshop to became a proper mad scientist.


We developed a modular system with the aim of being a useful amount of off grid solar power called SunBlox. Through word of mouth we helped get solar power in the hands of a lot of people who thought they would never have it. It was great.​


During this time we tent camped a lot. We were eventually able to test market our systems in the Adirondacks, thanks to a friendly local business man and his family, the Grecos.

We realized that our portable solar power systems had un-tethered us from the home office and allowed us to run the business wherever we went. ​We expanded our offerings beyond custom systems and into high quality bundled systems that we matched up with their uses.

We hope solar power can help grow a sense of safety, community and fun in the world. We want everyone who owns one to feel more secure, put fear aside, live freely so they can enjoy more of their time. Our products are about having the power to enjoy life as the adventure it was meant to be.

Solar is one of the few products that do a service for you: they make the most useful stuff we have, electricity. A solar power system is the only thing I know of that brings both security and freedom.

We think you will love exploring the world with your SunCharger and if you ever find yourself in an emergency, or S.O.L. like I did, it will keep you safer.


That said, we hope you just have more adventures!

Sōl Green Energy is a portable power system provider based out of upstate New York. We believe that self sustainability gives adventurous and hard working people the ability to spend less time toiling and more time fulfilling their purpose.


We provide complete packages with support and instruction needed for immediate access to the best portable solar power systems in the world.


Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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