All SunChargers™ meet the quality standards of Sol Green Energy:


SunChagers are premium self-contained battery systems that you can charge off an outlet or plug and play solar power systems when bundled.


Our power systems come in different levels to match your needs and budget. They are durable, dependable and serviceable.


They are portable to give you the freedom to do what you love, anywhere where you want to do it.




  • Systems speced to pair with various outdoor lifestyles

  • Hold 2-3 days of reserve power

  • Solar power recharge rate of10% per hour or better

  • Simple interface

  • Highest quality components & rugged design
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor use
  • Can power devices while charging

  • Can be charged from the grid or any generator

  • Complete kits offered for convenient setup


We simplified the user interface but kept all the quality components, so that we can bundle them with a solar panel for the same price as just a power system of equal performance.


Sol Green Energy's SunChargers are the perfect balance of quality, cost, and simplicity that take sustainability to a new level of practicality.


Solar power for the freedom to fulfill your purpose.

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